About Us

ESP-78When we ask our customers to describe us in words, you can bet ‘fresh’ and ‘reliable’ are used more than once. It’s a reputation we’ve earned throughout Greater Geelong, after over thirty-five years distributing world-class seafood.

Barwon Foods, a locally owned and operated business, is today, the go-to food supplier in the region. But of course, like all great stories, we had to start somewhere.

For us, it all began in 1978 in the Geelong suburb of Breakwater. This fittingly named place played first host to our formerly named scallop processing operation, ‘Barwon Seafoods’.
Many scallops and a few years later, we moved to our current (and much larger) home on Donga Road in North Geelong. We were ready to expand.

And that’s what we did throughout the ‘90s – we grew. We added fresh fish processing facilities and expanded our distribution services. Before we knew it, we were also selling to the general public.

Today, we trade under the more fitting, ‘Barwon Foods’. Our clients are commercial kitchens, cafés, takeaway stores and tearooms and probably folks like you.
Over the past few decades we’ve become your one-stop seafood and food service supplier. And the pleasure continues to be all ours.