Fresh Seafood

At Barwon Foods we pride ourselves on our market fresh seafood. All our fresh seafood supply is dependent on what is available at the market each day to ensure quality and freshness to all our customers.

Our retail store is open 6 days per week

Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm

Saturday 8am – 12pm

Fish marked with an * is available year round stock will depend on the availability, freshness and quality at the market.

Call our friendly staff on 5278 6433 for current stock and prices.

  • Bugs

    Our most popular bugs are the Moreton Bay bugs although we do sometime stock the Balmain bugs

    Bugs come from the family of rock lobsters. Our Moreton bay bugs have a rich and sweet flavour. They are amazing to jazz up a salad or serve with a simple dressing such as tartare.
  • Calamari

    Whole and uncleaned. Very tender if not overcooked

    After cleaning make salt and pepper calamari, cut tubes into rings and lightly flash fry
  • ESP-29


    We often have a selection of whole crabs available with our most common being blue swimmers, mud and sand crabs

    Crab meat is one of the most versatile meats available. Crab meat can be eaten steamed and natural or added to any dish desired.
  • Crayfish

    We offer both live and cooked crayfish.

    The supply of crayfish is seasonal and slows down during the colder months. It's very popular over Christmas and New Year. It has a delicious and sweet flesh.
  • *Mussels

    Fresh from Portarlington.

    Steam and enjoy the natural flavor of our local mussels. Alternatively your mussels can turn an ordinary soup or pasta dish into and extraordinary one.
  • ESP-103


    We supply both shucked (open) and Unshucked (closed) oysters. We shuck daily onsite

    Perfect eaten as is with a slice of lemon or cooked with a sauce such as kilpatrick.
  • Pippies

    Small shell fish.

    Enjoy in soups, chowders or enjoy steamed.
  • ESP-34


    We currently have a wide range of both cooked and green South Australian king prawns in store

    Our cooked prawns are perfect eaten as is. Our green prawns are ready to cook and are perfect thrown in a stir fry or straight onto a bbq.
  • Prawns School

    Seasonal very small whole prawns

    Dust with flour and flash fry until crispy.
  • Scallops

    Creamy flesh with orange roe

    Ideal to pan-fry or use in mornays, risottos or in a marinara.
  • Sea Urchins

    Harvested out of Port Phillip Bay

    A Japanese delicacy. The roe is best eaten raw.
  • Yabbies

    Seasonal with a tasty sweet flesh when cooked

    Use in a salad or pasta
  • *Barramundi Farmed

    White flesh fish with a delicate flavor

    Enjoy whole, bbq, pan-fried, baked or steamed.
  • Barramundi Wild

    Seasonal white fleshed fish, delicious taste with a slightly more delicate flavour than farmed.

    Great on the bbq, pan-fried, baked or steamed.
  • *Blue Eye

    White firm flesh

    Great for the bbq, or to panfry, oven bake, or steam. Try also in a risotto or paella.
  • *Blue Grenadier

    Sweet boneless, soft flesh fish fillets

    Best eaten pan-fried or deep fried.
  • *Broad bill

    Firm boneless chicken like texture

    BBQ or pan-fry. Also great used in risotto or paella. Fantastic to use in a seafood marinara.
  • Cuttlefish

    Seasonal small calamari- like and very tender

    Perfect for stuffing with rice or flash frying.
  • *Dory King

    Mild flavour with a juicy boneless flesh

    Amazing pan-fried.
  • Dory Mirror

    Seasonal delicate tasting with a juicy flesh

    Panfry for best results.
  • Dory Smooth

    Seasonal fish with a delicate taste

    Great pan-fried.
  • Duck Fish

    Also known as Boar fish. Firm white mild tasting flesh.

    Great for curries, risotto,paella, or to pan-fry.
  • Eels Smoked


  • *Flake

    White boneless fish.

    Excellent to pan-fry, crumb, batter or BBQ.
  • *Flathead Fillets

    Comes with bones and skin on. Fillets are firm with a mild flavour.

    Pan-fry, crumb or batter.
  • *Flathead Tails

    Firm skinned and boned fillets with a mild flavour

    Pan-fry, crumb or batter. Perfect fish for kids.
  • Flounder

    Seasonal whole fish with a mild flavour and juicy flesh

    Best panfried or grilled
  • Garfish

    Seasonal whole uncleaned fish with a light salty flavour

    The flavours are best released when pan-fried.
  • *Gem Fish

    Mild firm fish similar to blue grenadier (not boneless)

    Pan-fry for the best flavour.
  • Gurnard

    White firm skinless and boneless fish similar flavour to flathead

    Great in curry as it holds its shape well. Can also be pan-fried.
  • *Harpuka

    Sweet firm fish

    Excellent to bbq, bake or panfry.
  • Mackerel

    Mackerel is a flavourful, firm fleshed fish that is easy to cook, low in fat and full of nutrients.

    Best grilled, pan-fried, poached or oven bake with added flavours.
  • Mahi Mahi

    Also known as Dolphin Fish. Seasonal fish with firm fillets

    Use in Curries, panfry, bbq or grill.
  • *Marlin

    Firm boneless fillets light brown in colour, very mild in taste

    BBQ or panfry for best results.
  • *Monk Fish

    Firm white boneless fish fillets with a mild flavour.

    Try steamed, panfried or in curries
  • Moon Fish

    Firm and rich in flavour

    Great to oven bake, pan-fry, or steam
  • *Ocean Trout

    Red and oily flesh high in omega 3. Similar to salmon.

    Panfry, bake, grill or bbq
  • *Orange Roughy

    Also known as Sea Perch. Juicy white mild and boneless fish.

    Perfect to panfry
  • Pilchards (Sardines)

    Whole small fish with a strong flavor

    Excellent to pan fry or bbq
  • Red Emperor

    Seasonal white firm flesh fish with a mild taste

    BBQ, panfry, bake or steam
  • *Rockling

    Firm white fleshed fish boneless and skinless fish. Mild flavour.

    Panfry, crumb, use in soups or curries. Perfect for kids or people new to fish.
  • ESP-108

    *Salmon Atlantic Whole

    Red flesh fish. High in omega 3

    Cleaned and ready to oven bake or bbq
  • *Salmon Atlantic Fillets

    Red flesh fish. High in Omega 3.

    Ready to gravlax or steam. Available pinned and skinned upon request at an extra charge.
  • *Salmon Atlantic Portions

    Red flesh fish. High in Omega 3.

    Perfect serving sized portions. Ready to steam, bake, pan-fry, BBQ or in sushi.
  • *Salmon Smoked

    Red flesh fish, boneless. High in Omega 3.

    Great for canapes, pasta, on a seafood platter or with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.
  • *Snapper

    Tasty white fillets.

    Pan-fry, grill, bake or BBQ.
  • ESP-24

    *Snapper Baby

    Whole cleaned white fleshed fish.

    BBQ, bake or grill.
  • Spanish Mackerel

    Seasonal firm oily and very tasty fish.

    BBQ, pan-fry or grill.
  • Trevally Black

    Seasonal firm white fleshed fish

    Bake or BBQ.
  • Trevally Spotted

    Flavoursome oily fish

    Smoke, steam pan-fry or bake.
  • Trumpeter

    Seasonal Tasmanian striped trumpeter with a firm flesh and mild flavour.

    BBQ, pan-fry, steam, grill or bake. Great in curries, risottos and paella.
  • Tuna

    Seasonal pinky red flesh

    Sear lightly or eat sashimi grade tuna raw
  • *Trout Rainbow

    Whole cleaned fish with a pinky and very tasty flesh

    Smoke, pan-fry or bake.
  • *Trout Rainbow Smoked

    Ready to eat whole fish.

    Add to a salad, make a dip or use on a seafood platter.
  • White Warrior

    Seasonal firm white fish

    Best grilled.
  • Whiting King George

    Seasonal delicate white fillets

    For the best flavour lightly pan-fry.
  • Whiting Silver

    Whole uncleaned fish with a delicate flavor

    Pan fry lightly.
  • Yellowtail

    Seasonal firm and very tasty fish

    Ceviche, BBQ, pan fry or bake.
  • White Bait

    Seasonal small whole fish

    Lightly flour and flash fry